Safe Place

to Share

Your Feeling

Circle is the right place to share your mental problems with the support group feature that helps you find people with similar problems and are accompanied by experts.
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01. Who We Are

We Create Safe Place to Share Your Feeling

We create a place to share and solve mental problems
This team consists of 6 people who share the same concerns and want to educate more Indonesian youth about the importance of mental health
Capstone Project Bangkit
02. What We Do

Circle feature will help solve your problem

Support Group
Mood Tracker
Psychological Test
Audio & Journal
Worksheet and Self Journal
Anonymous System
Screening Test
03. Achievement
Circle gets funding from Google and the Ministry of Education and Culture, Research and Technology
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04. Detail Feature

Our Feature

Circle provides features that help you find solutions to your mental problems
Featured Product

Support Group : The Free Feature to Find People with Same Problem

A Support Group is a system to share your mental problems with people who are in a similar situation. Take it easy in each group you will be accompanied by Buddy and you can also hide your identity. So don't worry about judgment

Mood Tracker

For those of you who want to keep a daily journal while checking your mood interval. Mood tracker is a feature we offer.


If the Support Group does not answer your problem or you want to express your feelings directly with an expert, you can use the psychologist counseling feature.

Psychological Test

Also take some Psychologist tests that show your personality with the Psychological Test feature

Audio & Article

Want to get Tips and Tricks or soothing sounds for sleeping companions, the Audio and Article feature is the answer
05. Call to action

We Are Looking For Volunteer

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Circle will be your place to talk about your mental problems

Circle will be launching soon on Playstore

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